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Family Owned and Operated

We are a family owned hay company. We take pride in the quality of our hay and in the knowledge used in producing and providing superb horse hay. Our hay is guaranteed and our contentment depends on your satisfaction.

About North Park

North Park Hay

Veterinarians throughout Colorado are recommending our North Park Grass Hay.  This top quality Mountain Grass hay is grown high in the Rocky Mountains at an elevation of 8800 ft and tends to have excellent protein values and be abundant in minerals.  It has been the hay recommended for horses with delicate digestive systems, skin diseases, issues with diarrhea, and horses with weight loss problems. Our North Park Grass has no obnoxious weeds, which is because of the high elevation, and cool climate in which the hay is grown.

Buyers should beware of folks selling North Park Hay with multiple cuttings as this simple does not occur. Because of the cool climate and high altitude these natural grasses take most of the summer to develop, increasing in minerals
and nutrients.

Unity With Horses has over 5000 tons of hay to sell.

Hay Availability

Unity With Horses Premium New 2010 North Park Hay will be available in August. Baled up with quality and stored in the barn to preserve its beautiful green color and fragrance of fresh baled hay. Available for pick up or delivery. Our bales are put up in 60 lb bales making them perfect for horse owners to feed.

North Park Grass Mountain Grass
Grass Hay Alfalfa
Bales, 3x3x8's and Rounds Available
Certified Hay Available

Taking Orders Now For Our New Hay at paul@paulesh.com

Hay Analysis

The hay you buy in the summer time is not re-baled hay!

Click on the picture of the certification to the right to see the full size document.

The best hay at the best price!


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