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"Hidalgo - Valerie"

        The kids and I were amazed the first time we went to see Paul ride our daughter’s two year old gelding, Hidalgo. He’d only been working with her horse for three weeks, yet, there was Paul, putting Hidalgo through his paces like he’d been carrying a rider for years rather than weeks. For the remainder of the two months, we’d visit Paul and Hidalgo once a week. Paul spent time with both our children, Paul (13) and Ellen (10), training them to work with Ellen’s young paint, a gift to our daughter from her grandparents to help ease the difficulties of having recently been diagnosed with a serious medical condition. Knowing that Ellen would be riding Hidalgo eventually, he wanted to be sure that the horse and the kids were well acquainted with each other and could work well together before we brought him home. I was both very touched and extremely grateful for his level of concern. We brought Hidalgo home the beginning of July. For now, I am riding him until he’s gained some more experience. He’s a pleasure in all ways and a joy to ride. He comes to us willingly in the pasture and is quiet and calm at all times. You can tell he’s proud to be “one of the guys” when he’s out with us and our two ponies. We are thrilled that Paul put so much time, energy, and care into training this little horse that is such a special gift for Ellen.

-Valerie Behme


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