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"Gayle and Rokie"

        I met Paul six years ago when I was looking for someone to work with Rockie, my three year old Warm blood. She had never been in a trailer, So when Paul came to get her it took one and a half hours to load her. He was so patient and in his calm, unhurried manner he gave her all the time she needed. When they were ready to go Rockie was standing quietly in the trailer saying ďThat wasnít bad, lets roll!Ē

I am very pleased with what Paul has done with Rockie. She is quiet, respectful, confident and she adores Paul. He took her from the very start with ground work, under saddle, intro and training level dressage and is now working on first level dressage. Rockie and I have learned so much . From manners to safety to good horsemanship. Paul covers it all.

Iíve had the opportunity to watch Paul work with many different horses, some of them were pretty scary. Iím always amazed at his level of skill and confidence. He has a quiet and gentle spirit which is evident in his training, whether he is working with horses or people. I think Pauls main goal in life is to help people, and especially those who love horses like he does. He wants them to have the skills to be safe and enjoy their horses.

Thatís what Unity With Horses is all about.
I consider it a real blessing to have Paul as a friend. To have the chance to watch him and learn from him. Itís a part of my life I wouldnít trade for anything.

-Gayle Thompson


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