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"Lauren and Flirt"

        It seems like I have known Paul forever. I actually met Paul when he came to the Weld County Land Use office with his brother to see how they could split their property. I remember telling people in the office they were the most polite and nicest people that I had ever met. Needless to say I didn’t know that our paths would cross again.

Paul has trained three of our horses for us but the most amazing turn around was when he trained Flirt, our English Shire mare. I had wanted a shire ever since I saw “Deightons Black Knight” up in Rifle, CO. Once I saw him I was on a mission. I found Flirt on dreamhorse.com. She was in Wisconsin so after a vet check and numerous conversations with the owner I bought her, sight unseen. I guess I should have figured out that she wasn’t really trained at all when the shipper called and said “Do you realize how big this horse is? And are you ready for her?”

Flirt was a huge 3 year old when she arrived and very skittish. Her mode of operation when frustrated or scared was to run over whatever was in front of her. We couldn’t even lead her. She would “lead” us as soon as we jumped out of the way. She broke through our round pen, running over a six inch fence post. She jumped out of our corral crushing a corral panel. We had to have her sedated just to give her shots and vet checked. And forget about even approaching her “off” side. She was a hay burning run away locomotive. As I wondered what had I gotten myself into, I called Paul. He told us to bring her up. If we couldn’t get her loaded he would come help. Luckily Flirt jumped into the trailer when we loaded her buddy first. Flirt was off to training, a lot of training.

Paul was very patient with Flirt even after she broke the door to his arena and ate every scrap of hay in the place. Of course Flirt didn’t want to trailer load ever again, but with Paul’s patience she will now walk right in the trailer. You can see her in his DVD regarding trailer loading and you can see how pushy she really was.

I was afraid to get on her even in the round pen. Paul was very kind to me and supportive and finally convinced me that I could ride Flirt and that she was a kind mare that just needed some direction. With Paul’s understanding and patience, Flirt did an amazing turn around in behavior. She now has manners! She is a real sweet heart and loves attention. Paul worked with Flirt in dressage and in August of 2005 she went to her first show. She did fantastic and earned two first place ribbons. I was nervous to bring Flirt home but Paul assured me we both would be fine. Well he was right! I am working with Flirt at home on her dressage and she is a joy to ride. She is very responsive and mellow. I just need to find a four foot mounting block to get on.

I am so grateful to have met Paul and when Crystal came into his life I was overjoyed for she is as nice as Paul. I can’t say enough about Paul’s abilities, he is truly a horse whisperer!

-Lauren and Flirt


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