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Unity Program

Unity With Horses is designed to build a great foundation for you and your horse.When bringing your horse on training with Paul, his focus is to help you and your horse work together. Confidence, Communication, Love and Respect are just a few of the things you'll have a great understanding of as you go through this horsemanship program.

Commitment is the key to success, if you want to put your horse on training it is important that you are committed to establishing a higher level of understanding.

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Paul goes through his "Foundation Horsemanship Program" with each new client and their horse. Here are just a few things we concentrate on:

Catching:  Teaching Your horse to face you when you enter the corral.
Haltering: Your horse will accept the halter willingly.
Grooming and Loving on them:  Building the bond between you and your horse.
Picking up their feet: Teaching them to pickup their feet willingly and farrier preparation.
Yielding to Pressure: Teaching que's on the ground that will carry over under saddle.
One rein stops: A key to success with your horse.
Leading and Backing: Teaching your horse to respect your space.
Saddling: - Having a saddle that fits and the horse accepts it well.
Circling: A controlled way of teaching your horse to go forward and move his HQ and FQ.
Desensitizing: Making sure your horse is not afraid of plastic, whips, etc.
Obstacles and Trailer Loading: Teaching your Horse to go over things, under things, or between things and not be afraid, but love them.
Fence work: Teaching your horse to let you get on from the fence or steps.
Mounting: Teaching your horse to accept a rider.
Lateral Flexion: Teaching your horse to be soft and relaxed.
Disengage Hindquarters and Asking the forehand around: Teaching your horse body control.
Walk/Trot/Canter with a soft one rein stop: Getting the control you want and the freedom your horse want's.
Stopping and Backing: Teaching your horse to find a light feel.

These are just a few keys we work on with your horse. So come and learn where the learning never stops. We know that the key to success is a good solid foundation. That way your dreams can reach the sky. Whether you find yourself riding dressage, jumping, working cattle, reining, competing in a rodeo, or maybe just trail riding we'd love to help.

Pricing Information (Training)
Unity Training Program - $600 Monthly   Individual Lessons - Prices as marked
  • Two lessons per week for you
  • 1 ½ hour training session 4 times a week for your horse

Lessons at our arena:

Lessons at your place:
within   30 miles $100
within   50 miles $125
within 100 miles $175

**Boarding not included**

Pricing Information (Boarding)
Full Care (Indoor) - $300 Monthly   Full Care (Outdoor) - $225 Monthly
  • Daily cleaning with shaving's
  • Grass hay fed twice daily
  • Oats fed every morning
  • Indoor lights
  • Fresh water filled daily
  • Large runs with shelter
  • Cleaned on a regular schedule
  • Grass hay fed twice daily
  • Oats fed every morning
  • Fresh water filled daily
Pasture Boarding is also available - $150 monthly
**Requirements for full care boarding at Esh Training Center:
*4-way vaccine (sleeping sickness, tetanus, Rhino) *Nasal stranges vaccine *Negative coggins
*Brand inspection *wormed
**Recommended: Having there teeth floated with in the past year.

Trainer lives on site for the safety of your horse

Pickup for your horse is available for $50 within 30 miles ($1 a mile after that)

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