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Foundation Horsemanship Video - $69.95

This Foundation Horsemanship video was made for experienced horsemen and novices alike. You will love the proven natural horsemanship techniques Paul Esh shares. Clearly demonstrating 12 groundwork and 6 riding exercises that are essential for a lasting foundation, you will find that no matter where your horse career takes you …. from working, breeding, playing to winning, Paul’s foundation program will help you achieve the highest level of oneness. Helping you reach for the skies, in a safe and confident way.

This Video Covers


* Catching
* Haltering
* Grooming & Loving on them
* Desensitizing
* Picking up there feet
* One rein stop
* Yielding to pressure
* Leading & backing
* Saddling
* Circling
* Obstacles & Trailer Loading
* Fence work


* Mounting & Position
* Lateral Flexion & One Rein Stop
* Impulsion
* Finding unity with your horse
* Communication
* Dealing with scary obstacles

"Building a Foundation that will last."

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